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TQS GLOBAL Covid-Safety Trainings

The world has been facing a serious threat from COVID 19. Many countries are following the advice from WHO regarding maintain social distancing as one of the ways in which transmission of the disease can be reduced. However, the application of this resulted in closure or drastically impacted the businesses in all the sectors.

TQS Global believes that despite of such crises a special emphasis shall be given to food, with regard to training to food safety as food is an essential commodity. The Food and Agriculture Sector is designated as critical infrastructure, and it is essential that these operations continue during the pandemic. Workers are the backbone of this critical infrastructure. TQS GLOBAL has customized Covid trainings and also have been disseminating FSSAI-FoSTaC Food Hygiene and Safety Guidelines during Covid 19 training in order to keep all workers in the food production and supply chains healthy and safe, as this has been critical to survive the pandemic.