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Incubation Lab

Incubation Lab

TQS Global believes that the youth is the future of the nation and with right direction they can be turned into powerhouses. Thus, TQS Global helps young entrepreneurs to create and explore business opportunities by starting up or expanding food units in terms of technology and processing through incubation labs.

One such program is Entrepreneurial Development Program (EDP) under which TQS Global builds up an ecosystem of sustainable development assessment of resources of the specific region (including Human resource), ideation and identification of certain opportunities (mention specific like agriculture and production), and its marketing forward integration thereby building an environment for direct or indirect employment.

Some programs successfully developed under EDP are:

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Vertical Farming
  • Dairy Farming
  • Local foods and Vegetable processing
  • skill development program
  • grassroot level employment generation
  • Tribal Contact programme

TQS Global understands international markets and its requirements and decimates the experience to youth through following:

  • Starting up or operationalizing of any defunct unit in the state in terms of technology and processing.
  • Working on Agriculture produces
  • Picking up of local agricultural produce, processing, identifying and creating market linkages
  • Helping youth of region create and explore business opportunities.