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Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming
Dairy Farming

Indian dairy sector contributes a major share towards the total gross revenue from livestock sector and holds an enormous potential to bring about rapid economic growth, particularly for the benefit of the weaker sections and the rural poor.

Dairy farming is a part of agriculture, practiced to produce milk which is generally from dairy cows, and also from sheep, camel, and goat. Dairy industry is a highly important component of food industry.

TQS Global has been involved in many Dairy Projects and has successfully accomplished to build a dairy farm with latest technologies. The quality and safety of milk and its derivatives are directly related to conditions of hygiene and environment. Good hygiene practices help to improve the quality and value of the product and fundamentally determine the success or failure of a dairy farm. And we ensure that the quality is maintained.

Manure making through cow dung: Composting cow manure has several benefits. In addition to eliminating harmful ammonia gas and pathogens (like E. coli), as well as weed seeds, composted cow manure will add generous amounts of organic matter to your soil. By mixing this compost into the soil, you can improve its moisture-holding capacity. This allows you to water less frequently, as the roots of plants can use the additional water and nutrients when needed. Additionally, it will improve aeration, helping to break up compacted soils.

Rotating Cattle Brush: The cow brushes available to provide a safe way for cows to scratch themselves. This improves animal welfare by increasing blood circulation while keeping the cows clean, busy and calm.

The brushes have been designed for cows to scratch themselves against whenever they need to. Not only does this improve the cows’ quality of life, it makes it less likely that the cows will scratch themselves against interior walls, which can cause accidents and injury and even lead to clinical mastitis.

Additionally, the cow scratching brushes have been linked to increased animal performance, such as better-feed intake and up to a 3.5% rise in milk production.

Milk Filling Machine: Machines for farmers, when a farmer retails his own milk, filling machines for small and medium sized milk quantities.

Flexible cubicle and cow mattress system:
Flexible cubicle for dairy cows which enlarges cow comfort and maximizes the milk yield. It allows that animals can lie down and stand up with ease. This results in healthy and rested cows which are essential for productivity and profitability in the dairy farm.
A cow which lies comfortably chews more intensively and can also rest its hooves and legs. Mattress systems have to prevent slipping, above all else. This provides cows with a sense of safety when laying down and standing up.

Dairy farming:
The manure from animals provides a good source of organic matter for improving soil fertility and crop yields.