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Integrated Programmes

TOS – Treat on Streets

TOS – Treat on Streets

Treat on Streets is a program to facilitate the sale and marketing of street food to people from the local pedestrian traffic, street food which will be hygienically prepared and the vending cart which will be Food Safety certified. These carts will be Eco friendly and centrally monitored, the food to be served will be cheap and economical.

The condition of presently available Vending Carts leaves a lot to be desired

  • Unhygienic food preparations
  • No monitoring, food prepared on site near the cart
  • No Roof, damaged roof, carts usually present in open roof condition.
  • No food Safety is practiced
  • No Electrical supply
  • Water supply not usually available, sometimes an external tank is kept for water storage,
  • but the water quality is not ensured.

Thus, the goal of TOS is to improve the standard/condition of Street Vending Carts at the accessible locations of the country in order to serve safe and hygienic food that will be cheap and economical.