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MSME - Forum

MSME - Forum

TQS Global has a been a great partner of MSME Forum which is always innovating and hyper responsive to the customer needs to add value of customer time by taking their product in a best shape and quality to end consumer.


MSME FORUM is a solitary flagship Digital platform that allows businesses in the MSME eco- system to get solutions in all aspects of their Business. The services range right from incubation of a budding entrepreneur to supporting the expansion needs of an existing entrepreneur. The platform provides a complete hand holding support across all aspect of the business Ecosystem The support is provided in the form of consultancy, support services and Advisory.

Need for MSME FORUM:
  • New era comes with new opportunities and in order to embrace them, we must first overcome the challenges we are facing presently. We are aware that more than 99% of micro and small businesses do not progress to next level.
  • This is due to the fact that they neither have right environment to succeed nor they have adequate toolset or access to subject matter experts to consult with. This ultimately abates their decision-making ability and approach towards their professional growth
  • As a solution, we came up with a system towards designing this highly sophisticated and an indigenous platform which has already proved indispensable in helping multitude of Business owners.