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TAI - Technical Audits Inspectorate

TAI - Technical Audits Inspectorate

When it comes to supply chain integrity, regulatory compliance or the working conditions of your supplier facility, credible and reliable information is crucial. TAI is extensively used by companies for Vendor Evaluations and over time it has become an integral part of Vendor Quality Management.

TQS Global conducts independent audits over thousands of facilities a year, from restaurants to five-star luxury properties, from factories and warehouses, to stores and distribution centers across the globe. We provide a level of detail that informs and enables corporate houses, compliance managers and QA specialists to make decisions that directly impact brand credibility and product marketability.

Realizing the void within the food industry TQS has come up with Technical Audits Inspectorate (TAI). TAI audits are based on detailed compilation of requirements of food safety and good kitchen and hygienic practices to be followed in the food industry. The audit comprises of both floor audit and document review with the weightage for floor audit and document review 75% and 25% respectively.

TAI is linked with GFSSB™ (Global Food Safety Surveillance Broadcasting Platform). This is a unique platform where TAI for any independent unit is uploaded in digital format on real time basis. Traceability of any report is through a unique ID and password. The Reports contain the ratings along with the lab-status of water and raw food ingredient. These reports are based on interactive platforms. The reports include a wide range of detailing. The nature of reporting is so vivid that it gives a virtual tour through the audited premises.