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Eco-Friendly Modular Hotels

Eco-Friendly Modular Hotels

A Modular concept is an ever-intriguing perception. Looking into the ever-expanding market and in order to reduce the carbon footprint, TQS has come up with a unique concept of breaking the bondages and throwing open doors to freedom of choice. It is an amalgamation of human indulgence blended with the nature’s best.

Modular hotels are basically a very flexible opportunity to set up hotel units in the remotest parts of the country with the given topographical and demographical challenges. These are all in one unit where the guest is given a way comfortable stay.

With everything from living quarters, bedroom to bathroom that can be built off site and then shipped to the area in order to provide high-quality and comfortable stay to the guest at reduced construction time is the motive of the initiative.

With reduced waste, reduced construction time, and completion of assembly and installation in a controlled environment, the possibilities for cost savings are compelling. Additionally, these cost savings often result in a “green” advantage for the project and promotion of eco-tourism for the region.