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Integrated Programmes

New Product Development

New Product Development

Our dedicated teams provide the required flexibility in helping customers to develop new products and improving existing products along with shelf life determination and extension of product shelf life.

We understand the needs of our clients and have developed a certain methodology, based upon our past experiences and knowledge, for developing and optimizing projects and products which range from small firms to large corporations. Our specialized departments and constituent teams of handpicked experts are committed in delivering high quality, reliable, and cost-effective product development services to all our worldwide clients.

Nutrinova Limited, a sister concern of TQS Global

TQS Global has a sister concern, Nutrinova, in UK which is a full-ledged research wing specialising in scientific, technological, and regulatory solutions for innovation in food, beverages and nutraceuticals.

The main focus of the research and consultancy is to optimize nutritional and functional quality of ingredients and products; ensure their compliance and investigate complex association between composition and health. Research and innovation is driven through the application of evidenced-based science in areas of nutrition, biochemistry, safety, sensory for the development of healthy, functional, and sustainable ingredients and products.

Scientific and technological research and solutions are provided for reducing post-harvest losses, optimising process for increased retention of nutrients and beneficial non-nutrients. Ingredients and products (including those from waste-streams and bio-based) are ensured for safety and improved to highest quality for human health through formulation and fortification and for ideal rheological properties.

Regulatory and standards compliance for products and processes, packaging, and for any claims made varies in different countries and regions of the world. Nutrinova provides legislative support and guidance from formulation through to pre-market approval of food, feed, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals.

The Nutrinova team has extensive experience in collaborating as a partner and Lead Investigator in the UK, EU, and international R&D projects. Nutrinova also provides support for developing and facilitating International networks to improve education and research in food science and nutrition and optimising its impact globally for improving food-related health problems.

Nutrinova Limited provides specialised services in:

  • Food, Nutrition and Health
  • Bio-based ingredients and products
  • Regulatory and standards compliance
  • Labelling and health claims
  • National, European and international research projects
  • Education and Trainings