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SFD™ - Safe Food Destination Program

SFD™ - Safe Food Destination Program

Safe Food Destination (SFD) is diligence program launched in the new millennium has been doing successful rounds across the food circuits. The program was designed on the patterns of international Food Safety requirements and guidelines.

SFD has challenged some conventional certification programs focus towards one-time certification. Being a due diligence program, it covers every aspect of food production, food processing and food supply chain with aid of manifold tools such as auditing, trainings, interactive session based on gap analysis and sampling and testing of products. People who are already registered for the SFD program range from small and large restaurants.

SFD audit broadly include food handling controls, personal hygiene, requirements for food handlers and food business, building & facilities, equipment & utensils, production & process controls, storage & display, and pest controls. Implementation and monitoring of the sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOP’s), corrective actions, and record keeping is also reviewed.

In the preview of the WHO GMP guidelines are followed and implemented in details. A detailed study of the process interactions and process capability study index is conducted on basis the guidelines set by Codex Alimentarius. The project ‘Safe Food Destination’ is designed with the purpose of implementation of food safety at small, medium and large scale eating establishments, including corporate kitchens and cafeteria.

Green* This rating is given to any SFD registered establishment that meets minimum qualifying requirements.
Silver Given when an establishment scores between 75-85%
Gold Given when an establishment scores between 85-95%
Platinum Given when an establishment scores above 95%

The SFD Audit Program aims to:

Based on the findings of audit following rating criteria is followed